Best 8 daily Beehiiv AI newsletters to upgrade yourself in 2024

Tak Lo
3 min readDec 30, 2023


As 2024 approaches, now is the time to upskill and learn about AI if you haven’t already. The events in 2023 have proven that AI is here to stay, and it’s important to stay relevant and leverage the technology to benefit your career and life goals.

Daily newsletters are important because the pace of change in AI is so fast. With daily information, you can quickly learn where the industry is headed, what’s possible, and the latest skills you can immediately use in your daily life.

And as a cofounder of a daily AI newsletter on Beehiiv, the fastest growing newletter platform in 2023 and brought to you by the team of Morning Brew, I have much to appreciate about the product and the community. The product is smooth and just works. The community is equally vibrant and helps each other build in public, especially on X.

And no — I’m not paid to push Beehiiv, I just like it so much!

Below are some of my favorite AI newsletters currently on the platform, starting with my absolute favorite written by yours truly.

Enjoy, and wishing everyone a great 2024!

The Automated

Get the latest developments in AI, without the technical babble.

Written by: Tak Lo and Daniel Akpobare

AI Breakfast

Curated weekly analysis of the latest AI projects, products, and news

Written by AI Breakfast

AI Tool report

We’ll teach you how to save time and earn more with AI.

Written by Martin Crowley, Arturo Ferreira, and Liam Lawson

The Neuron

Make AI work for you

Written by Pete Huang and Noah Edelman

Prompts Daily

Don’t get left behind. This is AI news made easy. Stay informed for free


Join 500,000+ readers and learn how to leverage AI to boost your productivity and accelerate your career.

Written by Zain Kahn

The RundownAI

Get the rundown on the latest developments in AI before everyone else

Written by:

Daily Zaps

Stay in the loop about A.I. tech and news in 3 minutes per day

Written by the Daily Zaps team



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