Zeroth Update: Z02 debut

Tak Lo
3 min readAug 1, 2017

Our vision has always been to work with the smartest AI founders and ideas, to ruthlessly execute, and to help them realize their ambition into the world. We believe that AI fundamentally changes the way companies will be built, scale, and how customers and users interact with products. We know that the next great company will be created AI first.

I believe that we are on track on this mission, and more. We are now working with over 23 total companies in the Zeroth ecosystem, with 12 countries representing. We have vibrant and engaged companies, who believe in the collective mission and take their time to unselfishly help each other. Most importantly, we understand that our individual success is key to our collective success.

First, updates from our Z01 (first cohort):

  • is announcing its POC with Fidelity yesterday
  • DT42 has built the first end-to-end service for customers to use a cloud service to design and build edge applications with AI
  • is working with, to help power faster and easier interviews
  • Mateverse have partnered with IFTTT, the first time IFTTT has opened up to a AI platform
  • now has a reach of over 6000 farmers in Vietnam, which represents over $8m in paddy rice sales

We have made changes to our Venture Partner team. We believe that quality, not quantity, is the true value of mentorship; furthermore, the best mentors are founders who have been through building AI products and companies themselves. Accordingly, our current venture partners represent $1.7bn USD in AI company creation value, the deepest expertise in the world. Respectively, these Venture Partners have worked with AI companies like DeepMind, Sentient, Appier, Soul Machines, and Lingvist.

We have maintained and gained partners that believe and want to support the Zeroth companies. AWS, Cooley, Google Cloud, Nvidia, and Stripe Atlas have continued the relationship and are devoting not only credits for the startups but technical resources as well. We’re also proud to announce that our friends at, the virtual assistant, is offering 3 months credit to Zeroth companies. And MTR, Hong Kong’s transportation system, is opening CCTV-like data to Zeroth companies, the first time they have done this, and a real advantage for computer vision startups.

Our Z02 companies number 13, with over 9 countries representing. This is a 30% increase in the number of companies from Z01. The companies are:

  • Accosys — build AI techs to help enterprises with their customer services
  • Automorph — creates artificial general intelligence that automates software development and business processes to empower anyone to do previously unimagined things
  • Dishq — combines food science with machine learning models to provide personalisation technology for the online food industry.
  • Emotics — uses webcam data and machine learning to provide objective, data-driven insight into employee engagement with compliance eLearning.
  • Etymo — is a search engine for AI research and development.
  • FamFit — is helping families get healthier through A.I. powered multiplayer mobile games that get you exercising!
  • Foxsy — is a matchmaker for new friends to chat with based on topics and interests
  • H20 — personalisation engine for virtual characters
  • Laboratik — is developing a smart productivity bot “A;” which helps company to overcome organizational problems by analyzing and visualizing team’s engagement in real-time with NLP
  • Marax — using machine learning to solve ecommerce churn
  • Pingpad is a helpful Slack bot and fully-featured collaboration web app that helps your team organize your Slack, leverage knowledge and move forward faster.
  • Scry — is a platform to train super forecasters, changing the way we make decisions on the future
  • SmartPeep — a computer vision engine and a notification system

Z02 represents a new phase in our collective journey. We’re excited to welcome 13 great companies and founders to the ecosystem.



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